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Monday, October 20 2014 @ 05:54 PM UTC

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In the guise of raw URL

General NewsEven though what leads to the transmission of data over networks is unprocessed, it is still where search engine optimization (SEO) could go to. So there are companies in the market that offer SEO Linkbuilding services. Compare the cost of their amenities, their reputation, and their ranking in the search engines when it comes to making choices. Look also at the reviews and feedbacks of other website owners and consumers who have subscribed to the link building companies you are considering. Get referrals from relatives or friends. After boiling down the list, ask for the work sample of the link building company you have chosen. Evaluate, too, what it has been doing so far as well as the quality of its services. It should be able to present the websites it has optimized and its charge for the whole process. Think twice if the company fails to provide some of its work samples even though it offers the cheapest SEO service of them all! Techniques in Linking Raw URL “Expose” a website through link wheels. “Market” articles or videos to categorize a website according to its content or description. Syndicate blogs to build rapport and connections. Try also social bookmarking by participating on forum sites and discussion boards. Remember: Posting constantly cannot only help in building a website’s reputation but also in encouraging connections with other users. A raw URL, even though it is just an unprocessed data that addresses the documents in the World Wide Web, is still where search engine optimization (SEO) can lead to. (It is the /articles/recent.aspx in But while SEO link building services are essential for the growth of a website, you would be better off avoiding too much marketing. Social networking websites abound nowadays, anyway. You could still promote content and build a myriad of connections online.